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Body Care

SHAMPOO · CONDITIONER · BODY · SHAVE It’s like taking a walk in the woods. Deep, earthy, grounding. "It smells great, lathers well and worked for my whole body- hair and all!" - Courtney Downey Great for all skin types, and this bar works best on balanced to oily hair. Activated charcoal gives a detoxifying deep clean.
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SHAMPOO · CONDITIONER · BODY · SHAVE For the days when you need to feel the force of nature is on your side. This is the best natural cleansing product that I have ever found! Absolutely worth every penny! -- Erin Bodiford Owens Our most conditioning bar, Kickass Lemongrass is the Redbudsuds workhorse. Great for balanced, oily AND dry skin, scalps and hair (thanks to balancing essential oils lemongrass and rosemary). Tea tree oil adds an extra punch.
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