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Fill out the form below to request One-On-One Bicycle Instruction for youth and adults. You will be contacted via email with additional info and instructions on how to schedule bike riding lessons. 

Click HERE for PDF of "Teaching Your Child to Bicycle" This presentation is used in the Parent Clinic on how to teach your child to bicycle. The presentation outlines the steps used to teach youth AND adults how to ride a bike for the first time. Connie Szabo Schmucker is available for consultation via phone or email if you have additional questions at or 317-777-9630.  Fill out the form below to request One-On-One Bicycle Instruction for youth and adults

Teaching Your Child How to Bicycle - Parent Clinic (4/21/21) - recording

Learn-to-Bike Clinic - Parent Clinic (7/28/2020) - recording 

League of American Bicyclists Learn to Ride Resources

Link to Bicycle Colorado's Learn-to-Bike presentation (has trouble-shooting videos)

Link to Local Motion (VT) video on How to Stop and Start Safely

More Tricks/Tips Videos from Local Motion (VT)

Two Secrets to Teaching a Child How to Ride a Bicycle

Learn to Pedal and Balance a Bike as an Adult

Learn to Ride Curriculum from

One-on-One StreetWise & Learn to Ride Instruction

You have a great bike - BGI wants you to enjoy riding it! 

Your comfort level riding on the streets is a combination of knowledge, skill and experience. We can help with the knowledge and skill portion and help provide you with additional resources to increase your experience level. Increasing your personal comfort level riding your bike on streets will not only increase your joy of bicycling and expand the areas you explore by bike, you'll also be a safer bicyclist. 

Learn to Ride Instruction for Youth and Adults - Don't know how to ride a bike or need some assistance in teaching your child how to ride a bike? We can help with that! Sign up below and we'll help you start riding! Learn-to-Ride Instruction is $60/hour. Most first lessons are 30-45 minutes ($30-45).

BGI One-on-One StreetWise - Personalized One-on-One bicycle instruction with BGI's Advocacy Director and certified League Cycling Instructor Connie Szabo Schmucker*. You tell us what you need or want to learn to enjoy bicycling and we will give you one-on one personalized training for $40/hour. Your needs, your schedule.

* Connie Szabo Schmucker, LCI #1540, has organized and led more than 300 bicycle rides and has helped many learn how to ride safely. One-on-One StreetWise is based on skills and topics in the League of American Bicyclists' SmartCycling Traffic Skills 101 curriculum. 

If you want to feel more comfortable riding on the streets and develop the knowledge and skills to handle most situations, sign up below for a one-on-one session with BGI's Advocacy Director, Connie Szabo Schmucker, customized for your riding style and experience. Connie will contact you to design and schedule your individualized One-on-One StreetWise session.

Happy Bike Riding Student

Olivia learned how to ride a bike! (click on photo to see Olivia bicycling)

Another Bicycling Student!

“In just one week this is the progress and he keeps telling us how much he loves riding his bike.Thanks to Connie for her excellent lessons and encouragement. It made a huge difference in the learning curve and experience.” (click on image for video of Neville Riding)

Bike lesson success!

Successful bike riding lesson - went from not knowing how to ride a bike to pedaling within 45 minutes! Welcome to the world of bicycling! (click on image to watch video)

Mikaya pedals for the first time!

Mikaya's grandparents brought her for bike riding lessons and she was pedaling within 15 minutes! (click on image to watch video)