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As COVID-19 restrictions are easing in our community, BGI is once again offering professional bicycle fitting services. 

Full vaccination is required. You must be fully vaccinated before your bicycle fitting appointment.

Masks required until June 7th.  Marion County's mask requirement is scheduled to end on June 7th.  Fittings involve riding, and riding with a mask can be difficult for some people.  If you have doubts about riding while masked, please schedule your fitting for a date after Marion County's mask mandate has ended.

Masks, gloves, and sanitizing wipes are available. Also, the fitting studio is sanitized between visitors. 

Additional precautions are available upon request. Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

If you are feeling sick before your scheduled fitting session, please stay home. BGI is operating with an abundance of caution and we ask our visitors to do the same. 


To be more comfortable, your bicycle must be adjusted to suit your unique body. The proper bicycle fitting must consider your cycling history, riding style, fitness and flexibility as well as dimensional measurements.

To be safer, adjustments must allow an optimal weight distribution on your bicycle. Too often, bicycles have poor handling characteristics caused by improper fit. Wobbly cornering, for example, is frequently caused by a poor bicycle fit, which creates an incorrect center of gravity on the bicycle and unsure steering. A proper fit avoids extremes that might reduce your cycling safety.

To be faster, adjustments should promote your most efficient and powerful pedaling technique. Every body is different, so fitting formulas based solely on static body measurements simply don't work for many people. Competitive cyclists must have a bicycle adjusted to them that accounts for their strengths, weaknesses, and unique fit requirements. 

Fitting practices based on cycling tradition are rapidly being replaced by methods based on scientific research. BGI strives to use methods based on the most current fitting knowledge combined with the real-world experience gained from thousands of fittings.  Every BGI bicycle fit is unique because every cyclist has a unique combination of expectations and needs. Whether you're looking for increased comfort to finish longer rides or increased speed for a better chance to win that key race in your season, you will benefit from a BGI bicycle fitting.


BGI's Fitting Studio attracts cyclists with a wide range of skill levels and from coast to coast.  Very few Bicycle Fitting Services can match what BGI offers:
  • Fitter certifications (currently a half dozen), including Advanced and Triathlon
  • Lead fitter with over 18 years full-time fitting experience
  • Knowledge gained from over 5,000 fittings
  • Lead fitter with over 31 years cycling industry experience
  • BGI proprietary sizing station and sizing software
  • Dedicated work station for servicing fitting customer bicycles
  • Large selection of saddles, stems and handlebars in various sizes/designs
  • Tools and parts specifically designed for fitting shoes and cleats
  • Demo saddles - try before buying
  • Cycling specific 3D Motion Capture and position analysis systems
  • Resources of a "Top 100 Bicycle Shop in the USA" (out of 4,500+)
This combination makes a BGI Bicycle Fitting experience your best choice.

Read our Customer Testimonials and FAQs


GOLD Level Fitting

During this Dynamic Fitting, BGI's Advanced Certified Bicycle Fitter will dial in your riding position to a level of precision impossible using just static measurements.  After an extensive interview and detailed body measurements, your riding position, shoe cleat setup, pedal stroke mechanics and more will be analyzed using some of the most high-tech cycling specific hardware and software available.  Your bicycle will be adjusted to maximize your speed and comfort.  A comprehensive multi-page report of your Fitting results can be emailed directly to you upon completion.

Allow 3 Hours for Appointment  •  Includes BGI Cleat Fitting & Aero Bar Adjust  •  Available Only at BGI North  -  $300*

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SILVER Level Fitting

BGI's Silver Level Fitting uses current industry standards combined with our Fitter's extensive experience to set your optimal saddle height/angle, saddle fore/aft, stem length/angle plus more.  The BGI Cleat Fitting which addresses cleat fore/aft, rotational and wedging adjustments plus more.. Those with medical issues (e.g. LLD) should request the Gold Level Fitting.  Tri/TT style bicycle users must request the Gold Level Fitting.

Allow 2 Hours for Appointment  •  Includes BGI Cleat Fitting  •  Available Only at BGI North - $160*

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BRONZE Level Fitting

Helps new cyclists ride in comfort from the start.  BGI's Bronze Level Fitting is essentially the Silver Level Fitting minus the BGI Cleat Fitting.  Cyclists using a cleated shoe/pedal system should request the Silver or Gold Level Fitting,  Competitive cyclists or those with medical issues (e.g. LLD) must request the Gold Level Fitting.

Allow 1 Hour for Appointment   •  Available Only at BGI North  -  $100*

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AERO BAR Install/Adjust

Attention to detail will ensure you'll be riding in your most comfortable position when using aero bars on your road bike. Speed and comfort are not contradictory goals. This includes installation and adjustment of most clip-on aero bars on road handlebars. Can be scheduled separately but adjacent to a Bronze or Silver Level Fitting.  Tri/TT specific style bicycle users must request the Gold Level Fitting.

Allow 1/2 Hour for Appointment  •   Available Only at BGI North - $30*

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CLEAT Fitting

Your feet experience more pressure and repetitive motion than your other bicycle contact points. This makes proper cleat adjustment key to injury prevention and performance improvement. Fore/aft and rotational adjustments and installation of any required cleat wedges are all included in the BGI Cleat Fitting.

Allow 1 Hour for Appointment  •  Available Only at BGI North - $60*

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*Parts not included, but components purchased during a BGI Fitting are discounted 10% and most are installed with minimal or no labor charge. New bikes purchased from BGI usually qualify for component exchange credits as well.

New Bicycle Buyers - With a bicycle purchase from BGI you receive a $50 CREDIT that may be applied to a Silver or Bronze  Fitting (for that bicycle). No coupon required.
Time Limit: contact BGI within 30 days of purchase date to request your appointment.

Upgrade to a Gold Level Fitting, and BGI will double that to a $100 CREDIT. No coupon required. Applicable only to a Gold Level Fitting (for that bicycle).
Time Limit: contact BGI within 30 days of purchase date to request your appointment.

New Cycling Shoe Buyers - With the purchase of cycling shoes from BGI you receive a $30 CREDIT that may be applied to a BGI Cleat Fitting (for those shoes). Proof of purchase required. May be combined with a new bicycle purchase fitting credit.  
Time Limit: contact BGI within 30 days of purchase date to request your appointment.

Email our fit specialist, Frank Radaker, with your bicycle fit questions.