BGI Classes Bicycle Maintenance 101 - Special women-only sessions - 2017

BGI Classes Bicycle Maintenance 101 - Special women-only sessions
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BGI has added some women-only sessions of the 101 class. These classes will cover the same material as the regular versions, but with female instructors and female students. This format is intended to create a supportive environment in which women can be comfortable.

Our Bicycle Maintenance 101 class is for any rider who would like to learn basic care for their bicycle, under the "hands-on" guidance of our experienced mechanics.

Topics covered will include basic bicycle terminology, wheel removal, flat tire repair, simple adjustments for seats and handlebars, bicycle lubrication and cleaning, and simple road repairs. Time is also allowed for a question and answer period.

This class is intended to make any rider feel more comfortable in handling the most common bicycle issues, and how and when a problem needs a mechanics attention. This is also a great primer class if you are interested on our other bicycle maintenance classes.

As with all our Bicycle Maintenance Classes, the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is recommended for all participants.

Allow two hours for the class. You will also be working on your own bicycle.

You should register for any BGI Maintenance Class at least 2 business days prior to the class date. If you have questions about a class registration, please call BGI North at 317-842-4140.

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