Join us for Trainer Night and see how to make indoor rides the best they can be.

Using a smart trainer gives you easy access to entertainment and variety while you ride, and allows you to automatically measure power and performance. Smart trainers connect seamlessly to training applications that provide on-screen routes, gameplay and social interaction with connections to other riders.

If you've never used a smart trainer paired with Zwift, here's a taste of what your experience would be like from Road Bike Review
While the platform works and looks like a video game, there’s one major difference: players use a real, trainer-mounted bicycle and energy gels instead of hand-held controls and bags of chips. Zwift and other smart trainer apps make use of the hardware most cyclists who train indoors already have—trainers, power meters, heart rate monitors, and a bike—using ANT+ wireless sensor protocol to connect to the virtual world. (

During Trainer Night, we’ll explore the hardware and the software that work together to create the smart trainer experience that will keep you motivated throughout the winter and ready to tackle the challenges outdoors when the weather cooperates. You’ll see how trainers from Wahoo and CycleOps connect to applications such as Zwift and Rouvy. After some demonstration, attendees will have time for on-bike test rides and Q&A. 

Attendees will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any smart trainer. BGI has a variety of smart trainers from CycleOps and Wahoo Fitness.  We'll help you make your best hardware choices and get you started with virtual training apps including Zwift and Rouvy.

Capacity is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot asap by registering in the form below.


6:30 - 7:15pm Learn how the CycleOps and Wahoo trainers work with Zwift and Rouvy for an exciting and motivating indoor cycling experience

7:15 - 8:00 pm Test out Smart Trainers on our demo bikes with Zwift and Rouvy apps & watch others demo Smart Trainers

8:15 pm Test rides over

Capacity is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot by filling out the form below.


What pieces are essential for virtual riding? (screens + applications + trainer hardware)

How do smart trainers integrate with TVs (or other screens) and applications such as Zwift?

How is option 'a' different from / better than option 'b'?

Will my existing 'Y' work with a new 'Z'?

How can I troubleshoot my setup?

Other questions and answers will be explored as time allows.


Rouvy Augmented Reality In Action (1:53)

This video demonstrates a game-changer for indoor cycling - Augmented Multi-Rider mode.  Have you ever dreamed of winning a race? Now you can since Rouvy turns any recorded video route, be it Tour de France or your favorite local route, into a virtual race!

Rouvy is an indoor cycling software based on a user-generated training content. Rouvy is about to take this concept and its 2,000+ videos to the next level of interactivity, fun and competition. The app virtually brings remote riders together onto any road on the planet by generating and processing animated 3D objects in 2D real videos. 

Zwift: Serious Training Made Fun (:30)

With your bike + your trainer + the Zwift app, you can try structured workouts, or go for a group ride and race. Push watts anytime with a global community and endless roads. Pump up your training, bump up the fun factor, or do both.

Measure Your Performance & Compete

If you're serious about boosting your cycling fitness level, riding on smart trainers can be an excellent method. You get instant feedback of your power output as you go through structured workouts or virtual courses. Connect with friends or race against strangers. High intensity interval training is known to be incredibly effective. With a smart trainer, you can simply load one of any number of planned workouts. Follow the prescribed intervals and make the most of your training time. The visual and social aspects make it fun, which encourages more riding, which produces results.