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One-on-One TechWise

You have a great bike - BGI wants to help you keep it that way - working at peak condition so you can concentrate on the joy of bicycling. And learning how to keep your bike in top working condition will keep you riding and save you money. BGI provides Maintenance Classes for our customers. But now, as part of our One-on-One Series, we're offering something BGI customers have asked for: One-on-One TechWise personalized mechanical training.

BGI "TechWise" - Personalized One-on-One mechanical training with BGI's most experienced mechanic and fitting consultant Frank Radaker*. You tell us what you want to learn and we will give you one-on one personalized training for $40/hour. Your needs, your schedule!

TechWise Advanced Bicycle Maintenance topics are taught by Frank Radaker as well as BGI mechanics. Descriptions of the topics are on the BGI Maintenance Classes page along with approximate time required for each topic. Advanced Bicycle Maintenance Topics include: Bearings, Disc Brakes, Suspension Service, Tires and Tubes, Drivetrain and Wheel Service.

*Frank Radaker has worked in the bicycle industry for over 20 years, holds mechanic certifications from several bicycle manufacturers, is an Advanced Certified Bicycle Fitter and a DT Certified Wheel Builder.

Fill out the form below to arrange your individual session. You will be contacted to discuss and schedule your individualized One-on-One TechWise session. 

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Indicate whether you'll be bringing in your own bike or wish to use a sample bike for the session
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