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Donation / Discount Program Request

Please note: Bicycle Garage Indy / BGI Fitness are not taking any donation or sponsorship requests at this time.

Criteria and Guidelines

Organizations asking for support and donations may be eligible to participate in the Donation / Discount Program. Through this program BGI offers products or services to organizations who are trying to raise money for bicycle-related causes through fundraising activities such as auctions and raffles. Most of the solicitations BGI receives fall into this category. Organizations that are raising funds for non-bicycle-related causes may be allowed to purchase products at a discount of 20% at the discretion of the Advocacy Director and President.

Basic Criteria:

  • The event is in the market region for BGI (Central Indiana including Marion County and surrounding counties)
  • The program/request is closely associated with the key elements of BGI’s business: bicycling and fitness and helps support Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness Mission and Vision. and helps support Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness Mission and Vision
  • The request is made through the Donation Request online form (below) and all requested information is complete.
  • The request for donation is received by the deadline.
  • The request is for an organization, not for an individual.

All eligible donation requests must be for a community program or fundraising event that meets at least three of the following criteria:

  • Promotes bicycling or fitness activities
  • Supports bicycle safety and/or advocacy efforts
  • Benefits a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing bicycling or fitness opportunities
  • Provides bicycling and/or fitness opportunities for youth
  • Encourages community involvement, health, and/or physical activity 

BGI does not provide donation of products or gift cards for:

  • Individuals for personal gain or personal fundraising
  • Applicants located outside of BGI’s business region
  • Religious or political organizations
  • Athletic teams or events unrelated to health & wellness, bicycling, fitness

Not-for-Profit Organizations who do not fit under this criteria may have the opportunity to purchase products or gift cards at a discount, at the discretion of the President of Bicycle Garage Indy, provided the request is made within the deadline timeframe listed below using the donation request form below. Indicate in the "Other" category for the "Type of Support" question if you are asking for a discount of 20% and what products or services you are interested in purchasing.


October 31 for events January - March
January 31 for events April - June
April 30 for events July - September
July 31 for events October - December

Program Details and Guidelines:

  • If approved, the organization will be required to provide a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to waive Indiana sales tax.
  • BGI reserves the right to request proof of non-profit status. 
  • In very rare instances, BGI may provide a bicycle at a discount to a worthy cause. The same criteria will be used to determine the organization’s eligibility is as outlined above. It will be a strict requirement to have appropriate signage on the item provided.

Donation Form