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Bicycle Event / Bicycle Team Sponsorship

Sponsorship Criteria and Guidelines

NOTE - We are not accepting requests for Bicycle Team Sponsorship for 2020

BGI is a sponsor of several bicycle events and bicycle teams. When a request is made for sponsorship, this request is evaluated with the intent of developing a continuous, ongoing relationship with the event or team on an annual basis. It is recognized that events build momentum with time. BGI will only consider sponsoring events and teams that have the potential for continuity and ability to grow and prosper.

Sponsorship Criteria

  • Exclusivity – BGI will be the only bicycle dealer involved with the event/team
  • BGI has right of first refusal for sponsorship for the following year
  • The event/team is located in the market region for BGI
  • The request for sponsorship is received in writing at least 6 months prior to the event or racing season
  • BGI will be provided with information about the participants of the event (name, contact information including email)
  • BGI will have the opportunity to offer special promotions related to the event
  • BGI will be provided information about the promotional efforts of the event and how much exposure BGI will receive in association with the event
  • For sponsorship of teams, BGI reserves the right to request regular progress updates
  • The purpose of the event/team is closely aligned with BGI’s mission and business: bicycles and fitness.
  • BGI’s logo will be on all literature promoting the event/team
  • BGI’s logo and a link will be included in a prominent location on the website associated with the event/team.
  • BGI does not sponsor individuals.

Program Details and Guidelines: 

All requests must be submitted on the Sponsorship Request Form and include the following:

  • Information on the organization
  • Name of the bicycle event / bicycle team
  • The number of people attending and/or on the team
  • Listing of publicity and promotional efforts and the approximate number of people reached through these efforts
  • How BGI will benefit from being a sponsor

Sponsored Teams / Events

Outside Events Bicycle Garage Indy has sponsored in previous years:

Bike to Work Day
Bike to the 500
Kids Tri for Kids
Mass Ave Crit / Indy Crit
Go Girl Triathlon
Ride for the Mounds
Brookside CX
Brown County Epic

Bicycle Teams Bicycle Garage Indy currently sponsors:

Midwest Devo
Speedway Wheelmen

Local Bicycle Organizations Bicycle Garage Indy supports:

Bicycle Indiana
bike Indianapolis
B&O Trail Association
Central Indiana Bicycling Association
CIBA Foundation
Hoosier Mountain Biking Association
Indianapolis Cycling Meetup Group
Indy Bike Trains / Lunch & Learn / Bike-in Breakfasts

Bicycle Garage Indy programs/events:

Bikes & Beer Bash
Shifting Gears
Toy Ride