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Delivery, Store-Pickup, and Shipping 



Professional Delivery by BGI Technicians
Required for Treadmills, Home Gyms, and all other 'major' fitness equipment.***
Store Pickup
Available for all products except Treadmills, Home Gyms, and other 'major' fitness equipment.
Pretty much anything under 15 pounds is shippable. Orders over $199 qualify for free shipping - unless the order contains exceedingly heavy items, such as dumbbells. Except for very rare circumstances, bicycles are not shippable.

  • Delivery  -  If you purchase a treadmill, elliptical, home gym, indoor cycle, or other large, complex piece of fitness equipment, you should have BGI Fitness deliver it. Our delivery crews are the best in the business. We'll put it right where you want it and make sure it's working perfectly. After purchase, our delivery coordinators will contact you by phone or email and arrange a delivery time that fits your schedule.
  • Online ordering of delivered fitness equipment  -  Delivery fees are not a part of the online purchase process.  After you've placed an online order, a BGI team member will contact you to determine the delivery fees. Travel distance and equipment type(s) are the determining factors. (typically $100-$300 per unit) [fee schedule] 
  • But what about (insert special circumstance here)?? We're easy! Let's figure it out on the phone, over email, in a store, or by Morse code if necessary. We'll find the best way to put the goods in your hands or in your home. Call 317-842-4140 and select option #1 to have an actual person answer your questions.

Store Pickup

  • Store pickup is available for pretty much everything, except major fitness equipment such as Treadmills and Home Gyms***.
  • Store pickup is the recommended fulfillment method. We'll make sure that the product is suitable for you and answer any questions.
  • Before traveling to the store, make sure that your online order status has been updated to "ready for pickup".
  • Preparing your online order can sometimes take as much as 36 hours. The nature of the products, business hours, and store traffic can affect prep time. Typically, orders received before 11am are ready in 4 hours or less. 
  • Store-to-store transfers occur once each week. Depending on the timing of your order and the weekly truck schedule, it could take up to 7 days.


  • Orders under $200 and under 5 lbs. ship for a flat $9.99
  • Orders over $200 and under 5 lbs. ship for free using standard ground. 
  • Heavier orders will carry weight-based surcharges. You'll have the chance to estimate shipping before proceeding to checkout. 
  • Expedited order handling and shipping is available upon request, with higher costs. Please contact BGI to make arrangements. 
  • Gift Cards will be sent via USPS at no additional charge. You might find that our website does not enforce this rule, but it is true that "Free USPS" is only for BGI Gift Cards. 
  • Sorry, but we do not ship outside of the Continental U.S.

Fitness Equipment Delivery

  • When our delivery team has finished with your equipment, it will be completely assembled, in place and ready to use.
  • Unlike many other retailers, the BGI Fitness crew will arrive within +/- 15 minutes of your scheduled time. In case of an emergency you will receive a call if we will be unable to meet this goal.
  • Why professional delivery matters: Bulky and heavy items can be a challenge to maneuver through the intended installation site. Electronic items require special care. Almost all fitness products have become highly technical in nature. To insure hassle-free, smooth operation of your equipment and a long lifespan, professional delivery is highly recommended.
  • BGI Fitness will deliver to any Indiana address. Click here to see the fees for equipment assembly, setup and travel (by county)
  • There is no additional travel fee for deliveries in Marion county or any of the bordering counties.
  • If your equipment is in stock, the BGI Fitness Service Center will contact you on the first business day following your purchase to schedule a mutually agreeable time for delivery and setup. If you are unreachable at that time, the Fitness Service Center will keep trying.
  • If your equipment needs to be ordered, the BGI Fitness Service Center will contact you upon the arrival of the equipment to schedule a mutually agreeable time for delivery and setup.
  • We are committed to delivering your purchase within 5 business days of purchase.
  • We attempt to do as much assembly as possible before delivery, but in some instances, we will have to complete the assembly at the delivery site. Most notably, strength training equipment is often too large to fit through doorways unless partially disassembled.

***Picking Up Fitness Equipment

  • Contrary to the summarized information elsewhere on this page, if you insist, we can arrange for you to pick up fitness equipment with your vehicle.
  • Once again, BGI Fitness strongly recommends that fitness equipment should be delivered and set up by BGI's Delivery Technicians.
  • Customer pickups of treadmills, ellipticals, gyms, and other large items must occur at BGI's warehouse. (not at retail stores)
  • Smaller, lighter fitness items can be picked up at your preferred retail store or BGI's warehouse. 
  • All pickup items will be in their original packaging. You will be responsible for all unpacking and assembly.
  • Picked-up equipment carries the full manufacturer's warranty, but damage from transport or improper assembly is not covered.
  • Please make sure you have a suitable vehicle--some of the boxes are quite large and heavy.
  • Customer pickups of fitness equipment must be scheduled in advance. Please contact BGI to arrange a time.


Occasionally, some items are unexpectedly out of stock or unavailable. If your order is split into multiple shipments / deliveries, the shipping / delivery charges will not increase.

Order Tracking

You may follow the status of your online order by using the "My Account" button.

We're flexible!

In the age of e-commerce, there's a tendency to try to make every transaction fit a predefined process. We prefer to have actual conversations with each of our customers and then figure out the best process for each circumstance. We could put a 2,000 word FAQ on this website, but we'd prefer to hear from you. Call 317-842-4140, option 1,  go here to contact BGI Fitness, or go here for each store's contact info.