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Bicycling Instruction Resources

Fill out the form on the One-on-One Streetwise page to request One-On-One Bicycle Instruction for youth and adults. You will be contacted via email with additional info and instructions on how to schedule bike riding lessons.

Additional Resources

Click HERE for PDF of "Teaching Your Child to Bicycle" This presentation is used in the Parent Clinic on how to teach your child to bicycle. The presentation outlines the steps used to teach youth AND adults how to ride a bike for the first time. Connie Szabo Schmucker is available for consultation via phone or email if you have additional questions at or 317-777-9630.

Teaching Your Child How to Bicycle - Parent Clinic (4/21/21) - recording

Learn-to-Bike Clinic - Parent Clinic (7/28/2020) - recording 

League of American Bicyclists Learn to Ride Resources

Link to Bicycle Colorado's Learn-to-Bike presentation (has trouble-shooting videos)

Link to Local Motion (VT) video on How to Stop and Start Safely

More Tricks/Tips Videos from Local Motion (VT)

Two Secrets to Teaching a Child How to Ride a Bicycle

Additional Bicycle Education Resources

Along with our Learn-to-Ride Classes, Bicycle Garage Indy offers One-on-One Streetwise instruction. If you want the flexibility of personalized bicycle instruction, One-on-One StreetWise sessions are based on your needs and your schedule. These sessions cover additional bicycle skills as well as any basic skills you would like assistance with. Learn more about BGI StreetWise and other One-on-One learning opportunities at BGI.

Throughout the year, Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness also host in-store events and other clinics covering a wide range of bicycling and fitness related topics. Watch the Bicycle Garage Indy Calendar and sign up for our email newsletter for more information.